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The King has been found murdered and the Cardinal is now the most powerful man in the Kingdom and is preparing to crown himself as the new King. He has framed Artagnan and the three Musketeers for the murder, and now they are outlaws on the run. Meanwhile, a strange sickness has gripped the Kingdom. There is a rumour like the dead coming back to life and sightings of terrible creatures so the population now lives in fear.

The Cardinal claims that when he is the King, he will put a stop to the darkness that has engulfed the Kingdom but the Musketeers know that the exact opposite will happen. For they have discovered the Cardinal’s terrifying true identity, you are one of the King’s musketeers, and Artagnan secretly suspects you are the rightful heir to the throne. With the Kingdom in chaos, the Crown of Destiny waits whoever is bold enough to claim it the characters and situation is referred from the game and about the game and the name of the game is guns of glory hack.

How to attack a beast?

From the Kingdom map you can click on the Beast and then tap on “Attack”. Select the army formation and then click on the March button. You can target more specific types of Beasts around your Castle with the ‘Hunt’ function, available on the bottom left of your screen on the Kingdom map. Every situation you will kill a Beast, the stamina will be consumed. The amount of stamina used, depends on the level of the Beast. Beast level vary between level 1 and 30 and can be found anywhere on the map. The higher level you go and you get the better reward. At first you can only attack a level 1 beast. Once you have defeated a level 1 Beast, you can attack a level 2 Beast, and so on until you’ve reached level 30. Battle report is always available in the mail system “reports” tab, after each battle with a Beast.


Play Guns of Glory, a real-time strategy game with steam punk themes with musketeers and powerful airships. Build your base, manage resources, form or join an alliance, and it will destroy your enemies. If you’ve seen the ads, Guns of Glory may not be the game you’re expecting. Unlike others though, its theme is fairly unique. After you rescued, you will launched into the task of managing your estate, which of course, is this game’s version of a base.

It has even timers, although you can speed things up for free if only a few minutes are on the clock. Do battling other players and NPCs that seems scattered around the world is pretty straightforward. After which, you will be able to see your army march to the designated area.

Overall, Guns of Glory is nothing new. It is definitely not a landmark title or else anything should be raring to get your hands on. However, if you’re looking for a new real-time strategy to invest in, this should be one of your options.